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Wiped film evaporator VS Rotary evaporator

2020-03-30 20:46:27

Wiped film evaporator VS Rotary evaporator

Solvent remove / ethanol recovery two common ways compared, advantages of wiped film evaporator VS rotary evaporator.

ethanol recovery

1. Alcohol collection rate is high, almost no waste, 95% are collected.

2. Low energy consumption. Such as 5 sets 100L rotary evaporator compared with 1 set 1㎡ wiped film evaporator, heating power of 5 sets rotary evaporator is about 90KW, but for 1㎡ wiped film evaporator, less than 45KW.

3. Low working temperature, little impact on materials.

4. High temperature resistant alkali.

5. Durable operation of high quality stainless steel wiped film evaporator.
6. Higher purity in both light and heavy phases after separation.

wiped film evaporator

The advantages of rotary evaporator is its economical cost,compared with wiped film evaporator, the premise investment cost is slightly lower. Good acid resistance.

Let's make a comparison together, 5sets 100L rotary evaporators or 10 sets 50L rotary evaporators, the evaporation capacity is 90L/H, which is equivalent to a 1㎡ wiped film evaporator's recovery speed on alcohol. The price is not much lower than the wiped film evaporator, but the effect is much different.

rotary evaporator

If the solvent is not valuable and not sensitive to heat, rotary evaporator is our an economical choose. But if you want to achieve high efficient, higher purity both light and heavy phases after separation, wiped film evaporator will be your wise choice.

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