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Cbd oil extraction methods, which ones do you know?

2020-01-19 22:30:54

Cbd oil extraction methods, which ones do you know?

Most common cbd oil extraction method include supercritical co2 extraction equipment, centrifugal extractors, solvent extraction and olive oil extraction. Different extraction method has different advantages, let's take a look together.

cbd oil extraction

1. Supercritical co2 extraction equipment

Supercritical co2 extraction is currently the most commonly used method of cbd oil industry. It use carbon dioxide gas to gradually dissolve liquids and other substances, and ultimately provide safe and pure CBD products.

- Absolutely safe, co2 is a common food additive and a completely safe consumer product. 
- Pure, no chlorophyll, the risk of pollution is minimal.

I think its only disadvantages is it's expensive price.

2. Centrifuge extraction equipment

Compared with supercritical co2 extraction, this method is more economical and easy operation. It can achieve high botanical compound removal, excellent alcohol removal, and low temperature rating. 

centrifuge extractors

3. Olive oil extraction

Heating hemp plant at a specific temperature for a period of time activates the plant's chemicals. Add plant material to olive oil and heat to 212 °F for a maximum of 2 hours (at least 1 hour). This process is extracting and will eventually get CBD oil.

Which extraction method do you prefer? Welcome contact to get technical support and discuss more detail.


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