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What types of evaporators to remove solvent?

2020-01-08 17:43:14

What types of evaporators to remove solvent?

There're four types evaporators used in cbd oil industry to remove solvent:

1. Rotary evaporator, most economical method to do ethanol recovery.

2. Wiped film evaporator (also called thin film evaporator), which is more efficient than rotary evaporator, and also most recommend one.

3. Falling film evaporator, compared with wiped film evaporator, it's more shorter and could help you save space.

4. Single effect evaporator, which has the advantages of short concentration time, fast evaporation speed, and can keep heat-sensitive materials from being damaged. It is more suitable for evaporation of aqueous solutions.

evaporators ethanol recovery

Why wiped film evaporator is most popular recommend?

- Continuous distillation process.
- Low operating pressures.
- Short residence time.

- High evaporation rates.
- Processing of high-boiling, high-viscosity or crystallizing products is possible.
- Combination with a column to increase the number of theoretical plates is possible.

- Low fouling on evaporator wall.

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