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CBD Oil Dewaxing Filter New Design 2020

2019-11-18 22:32:46

CBD Oil Dewaxing Filter New Design 2020

As plant ingredients contain a large amount of waxy, cellulose and other substance, different extraction methods will produce out different extraction capacity, because the extracted ingredients contains active ingredients, waxy and fiber, etc.

So we need dewaxing filtration, and then through fine concentration, finally separate out the active ingredients you want.

Stainless steel dewaxing filter new design with flask cover, which is more convenient for vacuum automatic material charging. Pipeline mirror to observe filtration process clearly.

dewaxing filter

1. Stainless steel flask cover with excellent sealing performance, could connect vacuum pump, convenient for material automatic charging, easy operation.

2. Pipeline mirror new design, could help you to observe whole filtration system, no pipe plug.

3. 50L stainless steel funnel, good corrosion resistance, easy to clean.

4. Quick opening design - easy to remove the funnel for cleaning.

5. Discharging valve design for continuously working.

Through this dewaxing filtration process you could achieve higher production requirement, make your following process be more efficient, save your cost and time. Contact to get technical support to get pure cbd oil.

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