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Rotary evaporator cbd 2020 hot trend

2019-11-15 17:48:51

Rotary evaporator cbd 2020 hot trend

New design rotary evaporator for 2020 hot trend, be widely used in cbd oil concentration, distilling, separation. Rotary evaporator capacity 0.5L ~ 100L wide range optional, economical and high efficient solvent remove, ethanol recovering.

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1. Dual condenser design for high efficient condensation during evaporation / condensation process. Increase the evaporation rate.

2. Dual collection flask design for continuous collection, rotary evaporator continuously working.

3. 0.5L ~ 100L wide capacity range rotary evaporator for your choose, we support OEM 1 set, professional customize 1 set. 

4. Technical support for new starter, or upgrade your current concentration evaporation process.

5. Overseas installization / training service is available, or welcome factory visit 24h/7days online service.

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