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How to make cbd oil from hemp?

2019-10-18 17:33:48

How to make cbd oil from hemp?

Professional technical support to make cbd oil from hemp, no matter you're new starter, or want to improve / upgrade current cbd oil distillation process, TOPTION team are prepared to invest time and trust into our partnership and make decisions together.

how to make cbd oil

1. Most popular cbd crude oil extraction method is supercritical co2 extraction method, even through different extraction methods will produce out different extraction capacity, but as plant ingredients contain a large amount of waxy, cellulose and other substances, so we need to dewaxing and filtration to remove these substances no matter adopt which type hemp crude oil extraction method.

2. Dewaxing process to remove impurity, under high temperature condition, add reagent to melt CBD extract, and then switched to the low-temperature condition by temperature control equipment, to make a large amount of waxy crystallization precipitate, while CBD oil was liquid oil, and then through "Pressure Filtration" to get the CBD mixed sesame oil.

3. Concentration process we could choose rotary evaporator ( more economical ) or wiped film evaporator ( more efficient ), to remove the solvent from cbd mixed sesame oil.

4. After concentration will enter decarboxylation reaction process, which is prepared for molecular distillation process, better of these preprocessing, be better for molecular distillation process efficiency.

5. Get purity cbd oil through stainless steel molecular distillation equipment, and through crystallization reactor filter to get best purity cbd oil.

cbd oil distillation turnkey solution

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